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In 2010, WorldVentures Founders, Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue, were nominated for the Ernst And Young, Entrepeneur of the Year Award.  Whether you’re a rep with WorldVentures or not, you’ll realise the power of this.  The more you see Network Marketing Companies highlighted in the “regular world” so to speak, the BETTER it is for your company.  This brings up the profile of Network Marketing, and people can see that it’s becoming an accepted way to earn a living, infact a superior way to earn a living.  Ernst And Young are one of the most respected Financial Institutions in the WORLD today, so if they can see that Network Marketing is a smart and viable Business Model, don’t listen to your friend that tried something once, and then quit, and then moaned about it not working.  Listen to BETTER advice.

WorldVentures is only a 5 year old company, and already it’s entered the Direct Selling News Global Top 100 Companies.  Infact, their Travel Website has been audited, and has proven to return BETTER pricing than the likes of Expedia, Travelocity and so on.  This shows that Network Marketing Companies can compete with the best of them.  Based out of Plano Texas, their recent International Expansion has taken their business to another level.

With a unique product in the MLM arena, WorldVentures is leading the way in Travel Network Marketing.  In the $8 TRILLION Travel Industry, as Mike Azcue stated in his unique Gumball Presentation, you only need a TINY slice of the pie to become a BILLION Dollar Company.  Travel Companies within the Network Marketing Industry seem to have come and gone, but WorldVentures’ seems to have gotten the recipe right.  With a FUN and EXCITING Product, ideal for Home Based Business, they’re doing great.

One of the main reasons for the success of WorldVentures has been their events culture.  Events, no matter which company you’re with, are what fuel your business.  The people that make the MOST money in MLM, are those that plug into events, and more importantly, plug their teams into events.  So remember, the next time your company has a training event, ask yourself, are the Top Income Earners going to be there?  And if the answer is YES, then so should you.  You should be doing EVERYTHING that they’re doing, if you want to get EVERYTHING they’ve got.  It’s that simple, when you take away all the nuts and bolts.

Pictured below are Wayne and Mike at their Plano Headquarters.

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MLM Founders Nominated For Ernst And Young’s Entrepreneur Of The Year Award, 4.1 out of 10 based on 83 ratings
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